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Virtue RF Microneedling in Tampa

The latest technology in microneedling, the Virtue RF is the first of its kind and Forever Young Aesthetics is the first in Tampa to have it.

Designed with unique features that make it much more effective and deliver results that can last for years.

Virtually no downtime. No bruising. No pain.

How It Works

VirtueRF is the world’s first radiofrequency microneedling platform. With the ability to add multiple hand-pieces, VirtueRF adds more versatility than any other leading RF microneedling technology.

Microneedling with radiofrequency is a minimally invasive treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scarring, and sagging skin. The addition of radiofrequency energy to the microneedling procedure helps to further stimulate the body’s natural collagen and healing processes revealing firmer, rejuvenated skin.

What To Expect

The treatment is performed by a provider preceding an application of anesthetic cream, providing the patient added comfort. After the anesthetic block, the procedure should take no longer than one hour.

Depending on the area treated, results can vary. While the unique machine specializes in acne scars and hyperpigmentation (such as melasma), it guarantees an increased rate of skin cell turnover, Subsequently, the treatment area changes in skin tone and texture, revealing smooth and radiant skin. The cascade of deep tissue remodeling causes pores to shrink, while fine lines and wrinkles can disappear.

If you are looking to see your best skin with the most advanced microneedling available, schedule a free consultation with Forever Young Aesthetics to see what the team can do for you.