Dysport in Tampa

When facial wrinkles in areas like the crow’s feet and the forehead are an issue, Dysport treatments can help. Toxin therapy is administered in a quick series of injections, and it starts to take effect within only a few days. Dysport can relax wrinkles for three to four months, and you get a much more youthful look without having to resort to surgery or invasive procedures. Forever Young Aesthetics is here to help you beat wrinkles.

About Dysport Treatments

Dysport is an injectable substance used to relieve and relax moderate to severe lines in the face. The product is ideal for dynamic wrinkles, the type of wrinkles that become etched into the skin due to aging and sun damage. Injectables like Dysport keeps your muscles in a relaxed position, which stops them from producing new wrinkles.

Dysport is a botulinum neurotoxin (abobotulinumtoxinA.) This is the same type of botulinum neurotoxin used in Botox and Xeomin. For some patients, certain brands of “tox” are more effective than others. Therefore, talk to the experts at Forever Young Aesthetics about which product will work best for you.

Dysport Application

Dysport can be used in several areas of the face and is most commonly injected in the following areas:

  • 11 lines (vertical lines between the eyebrows)
  • Horizontal lines that appear as a result of raising the eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet lines (at the corners of the eyes)
  • Smoker’s lines (around the lips)

What to Expect

At Forever Young Aesthetics, the Dysport treatment process is quick and easy. In most cases, the injections take only 10-20 minutes. Only small insulin-size needles are used, so the injections are only a quick pinch and then they’re over. Therefore, no anesthesia is needed, as the process is virtually pain-free. As soon as the injections are over, you can go back to work or to most of your regular activities. In addition, avoid sun exposure and lying down until the end of the day.

Results from Dysport Treatments

Results are usually evident within two to three days. However, it may take up to a week to see the full wrinkle-erasing benefit of the injections. That is to say, Dysport is the quickest of the “tox” options to see results.

How Long Does it Last?

A single treatment typically lasts for three to four months for most patients. The product may last even longer once you start having regular treatments. Similarly, if you take good care of your skin using medical-grade skincare products like Alastin or SkinMedica – available for purchase at our office- you can maximize the longevity of your Dysport treatments.