Meet Mei-lin Reisin

Mei-Lin Reisin is a medical esthetician-turned marketing director/MediSpa business owner. Her passion for correcting aesthetic concerns through medicine and creating innovative content campaigns makes her contribution to her team extraordinary. 

As a medical esthetician, Mei-Lin did more than just pop pimples. She opened Body Aesthetics in Naples, Florida. This practice is very similar to Forever Young today. BAON is where she met her husband, Eric. With Eric living in Miami, she handed BAON off to her partner and moved to Miami.

Her skin care success accentuated her success as a Consultant at a nationally known MediSpa corporation, Ideal Image. Her 4 year dedication to the 3 South Florida locations molded her professional foundation managing staff, and closing high ticket sales in the industry.

As the marketing director, she is responsible for implementing inbound marketing strategies that will help patients feel like they know all the team members through the internet. Gained trust being the critical trait a patient requires from their provider, Mei-Lin masters the ability to showcase her team's strength digitally. She's obsessed with innovating new ways of creating amazing content that's absurdly useful and effective. Wearing all hats in business ownership/management and marketing, she is also editor, strategist, coach, and sometimes therapist to her team and patients. Her driven desire to inspire and develop the team, she's a student of leadership, always working to better herself and the team.

Mei-Lin Reisin posing with husband Eric Reisin in Tampa FL

When she isn't working, you'll find Mei-Lin with her boys- husband Eric and son, Feelie. These two being the center of her universe, it is very important to her to have that family/work balance. They enjoy pools, beaches, making home videos (starring Feelie, of course), karaoke, and movie night snuggle fest.

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