Jeuveau vs Botox

Jeuveau and Botox are similar in the unit size used for injection. Jeuveau, like Botox, temporarily relaxes the small muscle groups that cause dynamic wrinkles. When toxins are injected into the muscle tissue, they can block nerve signals so that the treated muscles have less movement.

Jeuveau cost per unit

We currently charge $12 per unit of Jeuveau. Depending on your facial movement, we will work with you to see which toxin is best for the goals you want to achieve.

Jeuveau after care

For Jeuveau, we recommend waiting at least 4 hours after treatment for lying down and resuming workout activities. See our full toxin post-treatment instructions here.

Jeuveau near me

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Jeuveau Before and after

Botulinum Toxin Aesthetic Menu

*See Botox units for Jeuveau and Xeomin

Forehead Lines

To achieve a balanced and natural result, we recommend treating the horizontal forehead and frown lines together.

Dysport 36-60 | Botox 12-20

Liquid Brow Lift

A quick solution for tired eyes- helps lift the lateral brow, making you look more youthful and awake.

Dysport 12-30 | Botox 4-10

Bunny Lines

Bunny lines are a nickname for the wrinkles created when scrunching your nose.

Dysport 10-12 | Botox 4-10

Lip Flip

Flip your upper lip for a fuller look.


Downward Turned Smile

Lift the corners of your mouth- sometimes, filler is also recommended, depending on the severity.

Dysport 12-24 | Botox 4-8

Platysmal Neck Bands

Smoothes the vertical cords that run down your neck.

Dysport 36-72 | Botox 12-24

Gummy Smile

Feel more confident and show less gums when you smile.


Frown Lines

The pesky "11's", usually visible when furrowing your brow.

Dysport 30-75 | Botox 10-25

Jelly Rolls

Treating this area helps soften the fine lines or fat pad (aka jelly roll) that forms under the eye when smiling.

Dysport 10-12 | Botox 4-6

Crow's Feet

Treat the lines that fan outwards from the corner of your eyes.

Dysport 30-60 | Botox 12-24

Dimpled Chin

The dimpled "orange peel" look on the chin can be treated to smooth and relax the skin in this area.

Dysport 15-20 | Botox 6-8

Grinding & Facial Slimming

Improve TMJ symptoms and slim your face.

Dysport 60-120 | Botox 20-40

Excess Sweating

FDA-approved to help with excessive perspiration in the underarm area.

Dysport 150-300 | Botox 50-100 per underarm

Nasal Tip Lift

AKA the "Tinkerbell" treatment- This treatment does just that... lifts the tip of the nose.