I’m pretty sure that I was destined for this line of work.  Why else would my last name be Young?

Way back in the Middle Ages, as populations were expanding, people began using last names.  These last names were basically adjectives, that helped describe the person that they were attached to, then passed down to subsequent generations.  Someone’s last name may refer to their social class, like Knight, or Squire.  It may refer to their hair color, like White, Brown, or Black. And in other cases could be physical attributes, like Little, Short, Cameron (crooked nose), or even Young……..  In my case, my Cajun family roots started in France with the last name LeJeune (the Young).  While I’m not 100% sure that LeJeune was used because my ancestors looked young, looking at pictures of some of the more recent ones makes me believe that its pretty accurate.  So maybe that makes me somewhat of an “accidental expert” on looking Young!!

Now, a few months into this crazy ride of starting a new business, I’m already contemplating a name change, or at least a concept change. Months of planning and getting all my ducks in a row, and there are things that I can improve on now that the doors are open and I’m in the throes of “living the dream”.  It hit me one day as I was doing a Sculptra treatment that BEING young is not exactly what we are all trying to achieve, it’s just LOOKING young that we desire. The old saying “if I could go back in time, but just know what I know now”, really means “I just want my youthful look back”.  For a lot of us, the realization that we are aging smacks us in the face when we look in the mirror and see our parent or grandparent staring back at us, and it scares us.  Not that I am being disrespectful, but our parents and grandparents didn’t have the same arsenal of skin care products or injections that we have today.  Why can’t you look in the mirror and see you, forever?  Maybe you can!  Whether you are still you, or have already had that smack in the face “OMG, I’m my parent” moment, there are many things out there for you.  The best treatments keep you who YOU are.  The art of subtilely improving the signs of aging is what I strive for.  When someone looks at you and says “Wow, you look great, what is your secret?”, that is the ultimate compliment one can give.  You don’t want people saying, “You got Botox” or “Wow you got a lot of filler in your face”!! 

“How can I do this?” you ask.  There are many ways, for all different stages of aging.  These days, the buzz is all about prevention.  Starting with treatments earlier, can help improve the longevity of being you.  If you start early, you need less product to achieve your goal, or to maintain your present youthfulness.  Botox and Dysport, small amounts of filler here and there, microneedling, and regular skin care treatments (i.e. microdermabrasion, skin peels, facials, using high quality skin care products) can all help you keep that youthful look for longer.  Even using small, subtle amounts of filler can help you keep that youthful plumpness of your lips.  Prevent and Maintain is the goal!!!  As we move into treating our aging faces, it takes a little more product to achieve our goal, but this goal is still obtainable.  To some extent we can even reverse the signs of aging, but it may take a little time to get there.  Staying on a regular schedule can help you improve fine lines and wrinkles, train your facial muscles to be more relaxed, and even replace the natural facial fat loss of aging.  These will all help you get your youthful appearance back.  Sculptra is a wonderful treatment at this stage because it can give you volume and help with fine lines and wrinkles at the same time!  Pair this with platelet-rich plasma, and you’ve got an amazing recipe for getting that more youthful skin and volume back.  As we move further into the aging process, Sculptra and microneedling become even more of an important treatment to get that youthful look back.  This may even be the time to start thinking about surgical treatments.  If you have excess skin and skin laxity, treating this surgically can be your best option, and pairing this with any of the above mentioned treatments can give you even better results. 

More to come, in future articles, about all these treatments and more!! Stay tuned.

Growing old gracefully is the key.  Everyone’s “graceful” is different, and starts at different stages of life.  I don’t want to change your look, I want to improve and accentuate YOU!!!  So that from here on out, you look in the mirror and continue to see YOU not your parent or grandparent.  Forever Young?  Forever You?  Does this epiphany equate to a name change?  Probably not.  But the concept will still continue…………..

And so begins the path to being Forever YOU!!



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